What do I get with my Vin Social membership?
  1. Access to all our live experiences

Become wine-confident in no time by drinking with and learning from the most interesting, hospitable wine pros in the biz at our events, educational programs, and global travel adventures.

**All experiences will be ticketed, some for purchase and some complimentary for members only. Only members are able to RSVP and/or purchase tickets, however, members will be allowed to bring at least one guest (sometimes more) to each event.

2. Access to the member’s only wine club

To get the most from your membership, you gotta get the juice! Join our member’s only wine club to receive the best, sustainably crafted wines from around the world delivered to your door every quarter. Each quarter, we travel through the glass to a different world wine region through both the wine club selections and our live events.

**Because of legal compliance, joining the wine club requires a separate quarterly subscription in partnership with our licensed retail partner, Slope Cellars. Members will receive access immediately upon sign-up.

3. Access to our inclusive community of wine experts and members 24/7

Join our member’s-only Slack channel and start connecting with our community of wine and hospitality pros. Need advice on where to eat and drink in Barcelona, what wine to order at dinner with your boss, or which wine fridge to buy? Don’t fret. You’re with us now. We’ll get you the answers you need, less quickly than Google, but more thoughtfully.

4. Access to member’s only perks

Get insider hookups and offers from our global trade partners in wine, dining, and travel. This means exclusive access to discounts on wine, lifestyle products, and experiences no one else has. Baller status.

*These special offers will be sent occasionally via email and can be accessed via your online profile.

What happens after I purchase a membership?

Your membership will be activated immediately after sign-up. Upon activation, you will be invited to sign-up for an online orientation with a Vin Social team member who will onboard you to your membership and walk you through all the benefits.  You will immediately be able to login to your account, sign up for the wine club, get tickets to upcoming events, and access any currently running member perks programs and special offers.

In which cities are you accepting members?

We are currently accepting members in the NY Metro area.  We’re expanding quickly though so if we’re not in your area yet, we recommend you apply for membership anyway so we can let you know when we launch in your city.

Where do you ship wine?

For New York members, our licensed retail partner, Slope Cellars, can only legally ship wine within New York State. We are actively expanding our retail partnerships to additional states.

How often do you host events and trips?

We host at least 3 events each quarter, and they are typically scheduled during the week. We host 1 trip per quarter and they are typically 3 days long over a weekend for domestic travel and 5-7 days long for international.

How often do you review applications and onboard new members?

We review applications and invite new members to join weekly. We onboard new members twice a month via an online orientation with a Vin Social team member.

How does the membership fee work?

The membership fee is billed annually. Your first year’s membership fee is billed upon registration, and will automatically renew one year from the date of your registration. Your credit card on file will be auto-billed the cost of membership renewal in one year. You may securely update your billing information or cancel your membership at any time via your online profile.

Can members attend any event in any city?

Definitely! Members can attend any of our events anywhere in the world – the more the merrier we always say!

Can I share a membership with my significant other or friends?

No, each membership can only be tied to one individual. Only members are able to purchase tickets to events, join the wine club, and access member perks. Members are able to purchase guest tickets to each event (at least 1 ticket per event – sometimes more). However, guest tickets cost more than member tickets, and guests cannot attend events unaccompanied by a member.

What is your membership refund policy?

Membership dues are non-refundable.  If you wish to cancel your membership prior to the annual renewal, you may do so via your online account.